Imam Taha Hamid

Imam Taha Hamid has been a full time Imam serving many Masajid in the USA, giving Khutbahs in different local Masajid and has traveled internationally as a participant in Islamic seminars as lecturer.

Taha Hamid completed memorization of the Holy Qur'an at early age from Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah. He then taught Qur'an in Masjid Al-Haram before moving to USA as a teacher of Qura'n to one of local Masjid in Los Angeles, California. Taha speaks fluently in four languages: Arabic, Dari, English and Pushto.

He has published over 80 audio tapes & over 20 DVDS covering a variety of Islamic subjects in a very simple language so that all can learn and benefit. He also translated some books from Arabic to Farsi language. You can obtain any of the aforementioned audio tapes, DVDs or other publication of Taha by emailing him at

Sheikh Taha Hamid's 103 Audio Lectures Sheikh Taha Hamid's Video Lectures and TV shows

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Abdul Lateef Ansari

Very beautiful Islamic Audio Lectures and Tafseer of the 30th Jaz of the Holy Quran by brother Abdul Lateef Ansari in Dari

Dr. Arshad Ershad

Dr. Arshad Ershad was born in the city of Herat. He graduated in Herat Jami High School and afterwards he continued his study in Shareea Faculty Of Kabul University. Dr.Arshad Ershad got 1st position of the Master Degree from Punjab University of Lahor, Pakistan and his P.H.D. degree from Cairo University in Egypt. He wrote and translated more than 35 books in Farsi and Arabic published World Wide. His famous books are: The Miracles Of Quran, Muslameen Return to Quran, & Prayer in Haneefee Fegh. You may see him in the Afghan International TV Stations such as Ariana Afghanistan, Noor, Ariana Tv, and mostly in the Sadaye Haq program. Dr. Arshad Ershad had also sold his popular CD & DVD named Understanding Islam & Islamic Studies. He became the president of Islamic Guidance and Promulgation & President of the Ibrahim Khalillulah Islamic Center in Fremont (IKIC).

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Ustad Satar Sirat

Abdul Sattar Sirat

Who he is: Abdul Sattar Sirat was justice minister almost 30 years ago until the king was deposed in 1973.

What he believes: He was the initial candidate in the former king's delegation to lead an interim administration in Afghanistan. However, he withdrew his name after reservations were expressed about the ethnic balance of the administration. Pashtun leader, Hamid Karzai - also a close friend of the former king - was chosen instead.